If you have been an iPhone user for a while, you must have asked yourself this question a lot of times. The LCD is an important part of the iPhone design. So it’s really important that you’re given a heads-up if ever it is broken or cracked because once it is, your phone won’t be working normally anymore. You might need an LCD repair or iPhone screen repair.

What is the basic of the iPhone design? Let’s talk about iPhone 4 first. It consists of the LCD of course, the digitizer and the outer glass. This model is better than the previous ones which are iPhone 3 and 3Gs which have problems with dust getting under the glass.


You should know these: 

What is LCD?

The LCD is a Liquid Crystal Display that is the flat, backlit, thin technology that displays your device’s images. What you see on your phone is actually being displayed by LCD. So imagine if your LCD is broken, what would you be looking at?

What is Digitizer?

This is a think transparent layer which is sandwiched between the glass and the LCD. It’s the component of your phone that senses your touch and responds to the zooming, selecting and clicking on the phone. This component is also important because it allows you to freely control your phone.

What is the Glass?

This is the outer component that basically protects the digitizer from other elements.

How to tell if the LCD is broken? 

So now, we are answering this question. Since you already that the LCD displays pictures and images, if you have dropped your phone on the floor or somewhere and you don’t see anything on your phone, that’s because the phone have a bad LCD.

Take a look at your phone. If the LCD is broken or cracked, it usually has a “spilled” ink look or lines in the screen. If you see that your phone has “ink” inside it, then the LCD is completely broken. Remember too that the components like glass and digitizer are hand in hand with the LCD, so if both of them are damaged your LCD is damaged too.

Another sign is that, you can see the images but it’s very DIM. Fortunately for you, the problem might just be on your backlight and will require a replacement.

Remember too though that once your iPhone LCD is broken and you want to replace it, you’re going to get a new digitizer, LCD and glass panel. Why? Because they are full assemblies, once the other component is badly damaged you have to replace the other one too.

Having an iPhone LCD broken is very unfortunate, especially if you have a lot of important documents on your phone. Rush your phone to the nearest Apple store to get it fixed immediately. To avoid broken or cracked LCD, just take care of your phone and don’t drop it. You can also buy screen protector and phone protector so if it drops, the damage won’t be too much.